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2020 and 2021 so far have been extraordinarily difficult for bereaved family and friends who have been unable to share memories, comfort, food and drink at funeral ceremonies and wakes - due to Covid restrictions. Filming funeral services for loved ones to watch later has become the norm.

Together with my husband, Simon, for the past 12 years, I have been the director of Sirastudio - a small photography and video company in Harrogate. When I started my training and journey as a humanist celebrant in 2019, little did I realise that our video skills would be put to such good use filming and editing funerals and celebrations of life for families wanting to share stories, ceremonies and memories with those unable to attend on the day.


But this pandemic has taught us all that diversification, safety and kindness is key to seeing us through the good and the bad times. And so, in addition to writing and delivering funeral ceremonies and celebrations of life as a humanist, I also offer filming and editing of any faith (or no belief) funeral videos in the Harrogate area. Filming can take place in crematoria, graveside and other venues..


Funeral filming in Harrogate, Leeds, York and North Yorkshire start from only £250

  • Two camera operators at any venue (religious or non-religious) to provide two angles, detail, and seamless editing

  • A professionally quality, edited video of the service within 4 to 24 hours, shared via WeTransfer or via social media sharing platform.

  • Includes arrival of hearse (if applicable), ceremony and graveside burial (if applicable)

  • Licensed music



Additional services:

  • Professionally created slideshow of images, to music - £25 per slideshow to be incorporated into the edited versio

  • File copied onto presentation memory stick - £25

  • Mileage if over 15 miles from Harrogate: 50p/mile

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